Amidon Choral Music

Making our Choral Website useful to you

June 23, 2021
Dear Singing Friends,
I am pondering what would be most useful for folks who use Mary Alice’s and my online choral website.  Of course it is helpful to us to have folks purchase our choral arrangements and compositions.  I would also like the website to be a library-like resource of useful, beautiful and accessible choral pieces, often off the beaten track of mainstream choral repertoire.  If you want to let me know what would be most useful to you that will help me know where best to put my time and energy on the website:

• I have started creating downloads that, instead of just being pdfs of the scores, include mp3s of a recording of the arrangement as well rehearsal mp3s for each of the vocal parts of the score, for example: And When I Rise“.   I am hoping eventually to add these mp3s to all the song downloads in our library/store.
• I have created a bunch of categories that you can find on the right hand side of the Choral Download Store page.
Are there categories you would like to see that are not there?
• I have added a free download of a bunch of easy-to-read pdfs of public domain hymns; mostly common hymns.  It is called “Thirty-one Hymns(though the title will keep changing as I keep adding hymns to this).
• When I find an arrangement for sale from another website that I find extraordinarily beautiful and useful I add it to our library/store; the link takes you to the other website’s store.  For example, Paul Halley’s perfect arrangement of Pete Seeger’s achingly beautiful “To My Old Brown Earth.
• I have been adding free downloads of public domain choral pieces that Mary Alice and I love and have sung a lot over the years, particularly from our repertoire of early American shape note songs, for example, William Billings 18th century “Easter Anthem“.
• I just added a “News” tab to the website where I will post and archive this message and other notes and thoughts that may be of interest to you.
• Almost half of the songs in the library/store are free downloads.
I welcome any comments, feedback, advice.
Thank you,