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Peter’s setting of Luke I: 46-55

      Magnificat take 4 7 18



How Could Anyone


Crossing the Bar


Watts Cradle Hymn




Bright Morning Stars


Solstice Song


Be Thou My Vision




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Click title to access lyrics and to purchase the sheet music.

Crossing the Bar

Southampton University Choir, Southampton, England singing Peter’s arrangement of Rani Arbo’s setting of the Tennyson poem.

There But For Fortune

Zara Bode with the By the People Singers singing Peter’s arrangement of Phil Och’s song.–0CxVbFPoI

Solstice Song

Starry Mountain Singers singing Peter’s arrangement of Alouette Iselin’s song.


Kent, Carolyn, Bonne & Abe singing Peter Amidon’s arrangement of Leonard Cohen’s classic. (I stumbled on this; don’t know much about the singers except I love their singing)